• Jive Cuttah Bio
        Jive Cuttah is a Boston based MC who in 2005 released the underground album "The Helekwom" along with producers dr. holmes and Rev Al.  After a Seven year break Jive dropped his 2013 follow up album "Skorpion".  Now in 2014 Jive is gearing up to release "Drahgon" the final installment of what he refers to as the "Unholy Trilogy".  
        Jive began writing hiphop songs in Junior Highschool in the 90s and eventually recorded his first demo titled "Crisis During Revelation" in 1997.  He edited the entire project using only Windows Media Player and burned hundreds of copies complete with album inserts on a very small budget.  After handing the demo out to his classmates, he began to recieve many positive responses shortly after. This gave him the confidence to get more serious about his musical ambitions.         
         Jive moved to Boston in 2002 where he met dr. holmes through a close mutual friend.  Their chemistry clicked immediately and the two went on to form a razor sharp duo. They recorded their first collaborative effort titled "Welcome Home" in 2003.  In 2004 the very talented Hip-hop/ Rock Producer Rev Al came on board to assist with the record.
         The Underground Hip-hop world has often been divided on the content of Jive's songs.  He often covers very dark subject matter and has taken on an existentialist view of life.  While he has put out very uplifting tracks such as "Believe" and "Goin' Back" the Helekwom record was generally dark and some of the issues he touched on were far too glum for the average listener.  His style has also been known to switch from one extreme to the other without notice or warning.  This unpredictability has made his music somewhat polarizing... but never boring.
        Now we are at the conclusion of the Jive Cuttah saga.  See how it all ends in early 2014. "Drahgon" coming next.
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"The Helekwom" -2005

"Crisis During Revelation: The Dark Book"  -2010

"Skorpion"  -2013

"C.R.E.E.P.S" -2013

"Drahgon"  -2014