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        So here we are in the Post-Golden age of Hip-Hop.  I for one have seen the end  coming for a looooong time.  The 90s were not only good to hiphop but nearly all artistic endeavors right across the board.  From Comedy to Art to fashion to Movies, the list goes on and on.  I have even had the balls to compare it to the 60s and 70s and make the bold statement that the 90s era was as good or better than those eras, at least for music.  Yes you could argue that because I was not alive in the 60s and 70s that I have no right to make such proclamations.  I could argue that I do.  Plus this my my blog and I have the right to say what I want as long as nobody dies in the process.
        Today we are being spoon fed mass quantities of the blandest most generic culture imaginable.  Our masters shove all this uninspired drivel right down our goddamn throats and expect us to like it or go home hungry.  There is obviously a formula from which these record execs (Or as I politely refer to them "Cocksucking asshole scumbag Shitheads) glady extract their equations to sell as many units as possible.  These amoral dingbats are KILLING our art and culture.  It used to be the case that their lust for money and power stayed in the financial and business realms.  At some point they had the audacity to cross over into the artistic realm with their formulas and bad intentions.  Why the hell couldn't they just leave us alone?  Didn't they have enough money and power?  Didn't these parasites have a big enough host already?  They just had to have more and more and more and they took the sterile monolith that they move on and rode it into the creative sphere.  Now they are the enemy and we should rightly be inspired to make art and music that ridicules and bashes these sociopathic assholes.
        You can spoon feed the masses for so long until they all get sick and throw it all up back in your fat nasty faces. You are creating big glops of semi-sentient goo and sooner or later you are going to look on your monstrosities in horror and gasp at what you've done. You ESTABLISHMENT have no business in our club and we want you out.  Go back to ripping off senior citizens for nickels.  You are not creative.  You don't understand art and your massive ego is not going to will you to properly understand art.  In conclusion...Fuck off.

Your Boy,
        The music industry is on its death-bed, as opposed to its regular bed.  This is not because everyone in music is doing a poor job at it, its not that simple.  There are so many factors but I am only going to address a few for now and some more later on.  Boy...where to start. 
            Before I am a Hip-Hop artist I am a fan of music.  I listen to lots of different music and I am a fan first and performer second.  As a dedicated fan I support the artists that I follow.  I Buy their records, go to their shows and spread the good news about their existence.  These Bands, Artists and Writers make me very happy and my life wouldn't be the same without them.  Now a days there are many so called "fans" that generally just want it their own way and tend to mumble the same stupid mantra "Well, I might steal their music but if I feel like it I will just go to their shows and support them there."  Right. Thanks.  So now you are doing musicians a favor buy shelling out ANY money on the music that has enhanced and enriched your life for all these years. So it is the musicians job to sweat and grind to release a record just so they can please you.  Boy are you special.
          Today's fans are putting musicians in a very awkward position.  Regardless of what you see on social networking sites like Facebook, everyone is not cut out to do music, period.  There is so much bad music out there from oblivious people that it is burying the quality stuff right into the fucking ground.  The fans see this.  The artists see this.  The frustrating thing is now the few individuals left that make true art are being backed into a corner.  All that most of them ask for is simple compensation for the goods and services they are providing and what are the "fans" screaming?  GREEDY. SELFISH. YOU SHOULD JUST BE HAPPY THE PEOPLE ARE LISTENING TO YOU AND KEEP DOING IT FOR THE LOVE.  Easy for you to say. Where do these people live?  I would love to live in the fantasy land where love pays the bills and keeps the landlords at bay.  I admit that there are plenty of terrible musicians out there who frequently complain about not making money.  The problem is that this does not discourage them.  they continue to pour in their own dollars to create their own music which is fine and if it helps them get shit off their chest then mission accomplished.  The problem is that they should not necessarily be expecting other people to feel them.  Everyone is not going to be universally loved and appreciated or even have anything resembling a cult following.  This realization can be hard on the emotions but so is the prospect that when you die its GAMEOVER.  Ok, lets not make this too glum damn it, but lets keep it real.  Self expression is an essential part of the human condition but do not expect your self expression to carry over to millions of others necessarily.
      The music industry is dying because record labels got greedy, the fans stopped buying music and alot of actual musicians just said "FUCK IT its not worth it anymore".  After all if they're starving to death they can't play a fucking guitar or lace a decent sample.  As a dedicated fan I dread the day that my favorite Artist just up and quits.  When they leave they take a part of me with them.  I need them here in this absurd goddamned world.  Lets let them know that and stop pretending we are doing them a favor by listening to their music.

Your boy,