The Barber Shop plays a major role in city life and is an integral part of the community.  You can get:   a hair cut, priceless social commentary from some of the most interesting folks on earth, the latest bootleg flicks/ mixtapes/ African oils etc. and find out whats really happening in the streets all for less than $30.
        What the Hip Hop world needs more than anything right now is community. Hip Hop doesn't die if you're willing to fight to keep it alive. We need to go back to our roots.  We need to get back to those days when throwing a party meant sitting on the stoop on a Saturday afternoon with beers in the fridge and you would be splittin' dutches on phonebooks while your people came to check you all day long. At around 9ish heads was all there and shit was poppin' off until like 4am (or until the cops came for the 3rd time!)  Lets go back.  Lets talk about those times at the Barber Shop.  Peace.
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